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True North Perspective
Vol. 9, No. 2 (344)
February 1 2014
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Guest Editorial

Justin Trudeau missed his chance to have dealt

with the Liberal senators with a democratic hand

By David McLaren
True North Perspective

Justin’s Gambit

Photo: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

The Senators formerly known as Liberal are looking for a new leader. Not just any leader but a leader who’s also a Liberal. They even call themselves “the Senate Liberal Caucus.” Ah well, plus ça change
To quote the PM: “I gather the change announced by the leader today is that unelected Liberal senators will become unelected senators who happen to be Liberal.”
Not that I think having an elected Senate is a good idea — I mean, why on earth would we want to replicate in the Upper House the partisan shenanigans of the Lower House.
To quote another master manipulator, this one of words: “A plague on both their houses.”
And speaking of manipulation, Mr Trudeau’s reformation reminds me of Mr Harper’s modus operandi: nasty, brutish and short, unilateral and without debate. It even flies in the face of MP Michael Chong’s Reform Act in which it is the caucus that debates and decides who is and who isn’t a member of caucus.
If Mr Trudeau were truly in favour of democratic reform, he should have voted with the NDP in October when they put a motion before the House that would have done what he has done, only done it with discussion and debate by Canadians’ elected representatives.
You know … democratically.