Editor's Notes Friday 30 September 2011

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Vol. 6, No. 31 (290)
Friday, September 30, 2011
Editor's Notes

Radical takeover of government is leading us away

from the Canada that we have always held with pride

Maude Barlow, Chair of the Council of Canadians, was arrested Monday 26 September during a demonstration in Ottawa against the TransCanada Corporation's Keystone XL pipeline. (Please see Barlow foresees new wave of civil disobedience below).

It was Ms. Barlow's first arrest. She said, "I do see a new wave of civil disobedience coming …"

Ms. Barlow has got to be right on target.

Mostly ignored by the corporate media has been the peaceful demonstrations of thousands throughout the United States expressing rage at betrayal of public interest by business and especially by government.

(Please see The Arab Spring has spread to America as thousands rally.)

During his campaign for president Barack Obama transformed the despair created by the regime of George W. Bush into hope.

In their eagerness for a saviour he and the Democrats were swept into power. Since then both Obama and the Democrats have governed in shameful surrender to the corporate and military interests that have become the true power in that once great symbol of truth and justice.

There is now a growing conclusion that there will be no saviour, that most if not all politicians are corrupt and in the service of the industrial-military elite, and that people must take power in their own hands.

And so they will come and grow even against police violence.

With a majority of seats elected by a minority of voters, Stephen Harper is busily scorning our sacred traditions including turning our country into a junior war machine for the Americans.

Stephen Harper is not a Conservative in Canadian traditions. He's a radical who, under false pretences, usurped the Progressive Conservative Party with the shameful collusion of Peter McKay.

Before Harper became prime minister, whenever he spoke before American audiences, he mocked our parliamentary system and the social safety net that makes our country unique. When located in Calgary he called for a 'firewall' around Alberta to prevent the rest of the country from sharing the province's natural resources.

Harper, and his disreputable gang who won power in parliament, were elected by a minority of eligible voters and by a minority of those who did vote.

Although he brags about it as if he does, Harper's government has no legitimate claim to representing the majority of Canadians.

It's been clear to all those who read and hear carefully that Harper doesn't think like a Canadian, he thinks like a Texan.

Harper, using his majority in parliament, is almost tripping over himself to transform our country into an eager cadet of the Washington war machine.

Harper is a religious fundamentalist who considers himself in direct touch with God and above the laws of humankind.

Under these conditions the only sure way of tempering his hand and guaranteeing that he govern by the letter and spirit of Canada is by following Maude Barlow's lead with growing acts of civil disobedience.

If Canadians make enough noise, it will strengthen the hand of the opposition and maybe even Stephen Harper will hear and, perhaps, act accordingly.

So if there's a demonstration near you with reasonable demands, join it, because every person counts. Canada needs you now more than ever.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Publisher and Editor
True North Perspective


Carl, You're defying the adage, about aging, by becoming more radical. Keep up the good work. BTW, the most important difference in the social safety nets in Canada and the US is medicare. Obama's new program takes the US down the road towards where we were in the 1950s.

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