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True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 33 (292)
Friday, 14 October, 2011
Editors Notes
Military madness has overwhelmed Washington
We have two stories in this issue that illustrate the military madness that has infected Washington, U.S. combat troops descend on Africa and the other is Drones over the world: America's secret empire.
With the end of the cold war about 20 years ago, there was hope that the world would embrace peace. No longer was there a Soviet Union determined to bury us. China was already friendly. It was a signal opportunity for the U.S. to become a beacon for peace.
But what happened to the United States was exactly that about which General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans against. He said, in effect, beware of the military-industrial complex.
It's now this same military-industrial complex that today runs Washington. The Pentagon has been clever. Armaments production is spread over much of the country, thereby neutralizing political representatives of these states because to call for a reining-in of the money for the war machine would mean, if the cutbacks were serious enough, job losses in their home states.
Senators and Representatives are sure to have this in the backs of their minds even as the lobbyists pursue them.
Relentlessly, throughout the world, the U.S. expands its military muscle. Together with Britain and France it has clearly embarked on a recolonization of Africa. While the Chinese, using diplomacy and trade, have made inroads there to harvest energy and other raw materials, the overarmed U.S. moves in with guns while hypocritically waving the flag of democracy and humanitarianism.
But their ambition is not to just knock off relatively small countries like Libya and Syria, in their madness they have Russia and China in mind. The radar they are working to install in Eastern European countries has little to do with Iran. It's Russia they want. And surrounding and eventually conquering China is clearly also their ambition.
These fantasies are rooted in psychopathic minds. With their Drones aimed all over the world, including their own country, they think they can conquer the world with the ease of a video game.
But the Russians and the Chinese, and yes, let's throw in the Indians, are not targets in a video game and will be pushed only so far.
Unless the disturbed minds that own and control Washington are led to believe that there is a real world, a fierce world, beyond the end of their guns, then they are surely leading us into a World War in which all hell will break loose everywhere, including the United States.
Despite the insanity, there is hope. I'll deal with that next week.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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