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True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 41 (302)
Friday, 16 December, 2011
Editor's Notes

To all our readers world wide we wish you our heartfelt

best wishes for the New Year: we'll be back 13 January

I have never liked December. It's a difficult time for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. In December the darkness gets serious. As I write this at 03:12 I know that the sun will not rise until 07:36. It will grace us for only about nine hours and plunge us again into darkness at 16:20.
I have long concluded that I'd like to go to sleep December 1 and wake up New Year's Eve.
Of course this is only Ottawa Canada. I know that there are cities more famously north of this latitude where the darkness is much longer than what we have and some places where a new day is nothing more than a glow on the horizon.
I suggest that this is the reason that even our prehistoric ancestors, made uneasy by this diminishing light, responded, as soon as they could get their act together, give or take a few hundred thousand years, to fight back against growing darkness with fire. That's why we have such an explosion of artificial light in the northern hemisphere at this time of year.
Being human, we've rationalized and mythologized the need for light in December. All kinds of reasons for everything from bonfires, to candles, to festival lights, that included a star of wonder, a miracle birth, and some guy flying around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer as he dangerously slides down chimneys to bring cheer.
And so, as we at this latitude brace ourselves for the Winter Solstice, our shortest day of the year, on Wednesday, December 21, True North Perspective will take a holiday. This issue will be the last for the year 2011. We'll return in days of lengthening sunshine on lucky Friday 13, 2012.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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