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Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher, True North Perspective.
True North Perspective
Vol. 10, No. 10 (361)
December 2015

Editor's Notes

Scorned by allies, Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama

is now fumbling his seventh war in the Middle East

Against his background of rule by gun Obama wimps for gun control

Image: True North Perspective Editor and Publisher Carl Dow. Photo by the Phantom Phographer.

Barack Obama, the President of Hope in 2008 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace soon after he was elected. As reported in True North Perspective in our November edition, the Nobel Committee decided that the award would lend Obama strength to fulfill his promises. But it was not long before Obama proved himself the President of Betrayal as he poured thousands of fresh troops into the Middle East wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Under his watch as president, he allowed that hypocrite and pathological liar, Hilary Clinton, to betray a United Nations mandate for a no-fly zone over Libya by engineering the English and French into carpet bombing. Under the Obama/Clinton deception a viable country was destroyed following the regular Washington policy of character assassination prior to violent attack. When Saddam Hussein was murdered, Hilary gleefully said, We came, we conquered, we killed.

Prior to the attack Libya had its strengths in serving its people. As just a couple of examples, newly married couples received a $50,000 grant to help them get started. All who academically qualified, male and female, were given scholarships to study in countries of their choice. Today, Libya is a failed state in which its citizens are terrorized by murderous gangs including ISIS of Iraq and Syria origin.

Washington's policy of regime change against any who resist compliance has resulted in the five-year bloody war in Syria with millions of dead and wounded and dispersed civilians. Obama, with the support of England and France, character assassinated Syria's democratically elected President Bashar al-Assad and said there can be no peace in Syria until al-Assad was gone. It is an open secret that these three "western" countries, together with the brutal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, fed arms to a violent opposition that evolved into the ISIS. (Saudi Arabia, please keep in mind, is as prone to head chopping as ISIS and eager to punish women and men with the whip for middle ages transgressions.)

When the terrorists in Syria, disguised as rebels, released gas on civilians, Washington bridled with hypocritical indignation and made noises as if it were about to attack Syria in the name of humanity. Russia pulled the carpet out from under the U.S. war machine by negotiations that resulted in Syria dismantling its gas cache thereby dissolving the excuse for a military assault.

Despite mounting evidence that ISIS was led by homicidal maniacs who took apparent joy in public displays of head-chopping of men, women, and children and using their power to smuggle oil from captured oil fields to black markets in Iraq and Turkey, Obama, and Hilary's able replacement, John Kerry, observed all with a benign eye, albeit with lip-service protest. They responded with token bombing, so token in effect that ISIS grew in territorial, military, and economic strength, while Washington beat the drums about al-Assad having to go.

So ineffective was the American attack on the ISIS that Russia's foreign minister Lavrov was to wonder aloud, "What are the Americans doing there. They have dropped enough bombs (20,000 at last count — ed.) to blow Syria right off the map."

The Western leaders gloated when their nationals went to Syria to combat the duly elected regime. Russian president Putin warned them more than once that this would backfire. Those learning the trade of war in Syria would come back to practice in their country of origin. The recent attack in Paris is an example of the wisdom of Putin's warning.

Meanwhile, the success of the ISIS in Syria was working as a magnet for recruits from Russia. For this reason, and for the fact that Syria had for generations been an ally of Syria, the Russians decided to settle accounts with ISIS themselves. On direct invitation by Syria to intervene, Moscow bombed ISIS with a vengeance. Washington refused to share target intelligence with Moscow. 

The Russians hit military hardware, troop command centres, ammunition dumps and, among other targets, oil fields and a thousand oil trucks taking Syria oil to black markets in Turkey, thereby depriving ISIS of its main financial source.

With this air support, the legitimate Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad began to recover ground against the terrorists.

In the echo of the success of the Russian campaign Washington began to mumble, well, perhaps, al-Assad doesn't have to go, for now anyway.

Then France was attacked in Paris, and was soon at the table with sanctioned Russia, agreeing to join forces and exchange intelligence. Woe be it unto ISIS.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Land of the free and Home of the brave, suffers an average of one mass murder attack on civilians a day.

President Obama whines about gun control. But his war-like leadership has set a gun-happy culture. The military industrial complex against which President Eisenhower warned Americans are laughing all the way to the bank on the battered and bleeding backs of humanity.

The evil is not a lack of gun control Obama, you houseboy of the criminals who run Washington, the evil is in allowing sociopaths to run the country and ruin America's reputation, not to forget the deaths of millions they have caused.

The outlook of the U.S. is bleak. On the Republican side you have a collection of what could be dangerous clowns. The Democrat front-runner is Hilary Clinton, never mind my lies and blood thirsty behaviour, vote for me because I'm a woman. If she wins, she will prove that the only reason women have not been as evil as men is because they never had the chance. She is surrounded by a group of other women who will act with a vengeance just to prove that they can be just as ruthless as men. Men can believe it. But they can live better without the proof.

The prime hope for the United States of America and peace in the world is now presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Can corporate America drown his cause in money or will reason prevail and send him to the White House? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
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