CUPW on Post Office profit

Canada Post reveals a $299 million profit for 2014

while it proceeds with scheme of delivery cutbacks

Image: Canada Post 'superboxes' marooned in a snowbank. Prime Minister Steven Harper, inset.27 March 2015 OTTAWA — Today, the Canada Post Group reported a massive profit from operations of $299 Million for 2014. The Canada Post segment reported profit from operations of $204 M and a profit before tax of $194 M.

“This is affirming news for our members,” said Denis Lemelin, CUPW National President, “It’s some $555 Million better than the loss projected in Canada Post’s corporate plan. Postal workers are justifiably proud to perform a valuable, profitable public service. Now if only Canada Post’s executives could see how clearly it shows that there’s no need to cut door-to-door delivery for millions of families.”

As Canada Post acknowledges, these profits are built on growth in parcels, postage rate increase, and reduced benefit costs for workers. The profits are not credited to door-to-door delivery cuts.

“Conversion to community mailboxes (CMBs) only began in 2014, under the spectre of huge financial losses that are just not happening. These cuts haven’t contributed meaningfully to cost savings, and it’s been nothing but problems for seniors, people with disabilities, and victims of increased mail theft,” continues Lemelin.

Today Lemelin wrote to Canada Post President & CEO Deepak Chopra, Lisa Raitt – Minister Responsible for Canada Post, and to Prime Minister Stephen Harper requesting that they halt door-to-door delivery cuts and conduct a public review of the service.

“Too many people have suffered injuries due to slips and falls and too many people have lost mail due to thefts from CMBs. And for what?” he asks. “It’s time for Canada Post to truly listen to the people.”