More Kearney and Ray puzzlers


By Mark Kearney and Randy Ray

Mark Kearney of London, Ont. and Randy Ray of Ottawa are the authors of nine books about Canada, with best-seller sales of more than 50,000. Their Web site is:

Big Book of Canadian Trivia cover


1. Which city had a bigger population in 1901 – Saint John, N.B. or Vancouver, B.C.

2. In what year was the Nunavut Territory established?
a) 1997  b) 1999  c)  2001  d)  2003
3. In 1986, Canadian Sharon Wood became the first woman from North America to do this.  Was it
a)  climb Mount Everest   b) pilot a jet plane for a commercial airline  c)  play in a men’s professional golf tournament   d) win the Top Chef in Europe award

1. Saint John had a population of 40,700 while Vancouver’s was just over 26,000.
2. b) 1999
3. a) climb the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest.