RT, Gorbachev and NATO

All hail the return of competitive media!
By Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
There was a media dust up recently when on Wednesday 05 March 2014 RT journalist Liz Wahl announced her resignation because she alleged that RT was bogus in delivering news and analysis. As you will see below in Media Watch her resignation was a neo-con set up and we have her in a video, giggling with the members of the plot. Her former colleagues at RT said Liz showed no interest in politics outside of her studio responsibilities and said the only time they heard her complain was when she said she wasn't getting enough help to write her on-camera presentations.
Meanwhile, the one and only Larry King is a happy camper on RT.
We have several stories about her resignation and the fall out so I'll gently drop the subject here except to say that RT is a remarkable breath of fresh air in an atmosphere where the mainstream media has degenerated into a propaganda machine for the neo-cons who have seized control of Washington. You can find RT on cable and at rt.com on line. It's no secret that its financed by Moscow just as The Moscow Times operating out of Moscow is financed by big U.S. corporate bucks.
In 2012, Pew Research found RT to be the most popular news channel on YouTube, with Fox News coming in second. Meanwhile, CNN viewers have gone down to 421,000 as of January 2014. By comparison, RT has reached more than 1 billion views on YouTube.
Finally, RT was launched under the editorship of 25-year-old Margarita Simonyan in 1995. Her youth is remarkable for someone so young being assigned such a challenge. Her gender may explain why there are so many young women on RT cable who lead programs before the cameras. Many of these American women have been pulled from the ranks of political struggles in the U.S. including the Occupy Movement. They know what it's like to be bullied by the police, handcuffed, jailed, and tried in court.
Believe them or not. You can test what RT has to say against the proven lies that insult our intelligence on the corporate media. And give thanks for the return of the competitive media.
Wahl said that RT was financed by Moscow (true) and that it was obsessed with promoting Russian president Vladimir Putin. I've been watching RT on cable for months and, while I didn't think to do a count, I would say that the name of American president Barrack Obama comes up decidedly more often than Putin's.
Whal said RT specilized in "America bashing". Wrong here too Liz. If anything, RT bashes the neo-cons who are the office boys and girls for the military/industrial complex, against whom President and General Eisenhower warned, who have controlled Washington during the past several decades, leaving a trail of wrecked countries and millions dead, including tens of thousands of Americans.
The neo-cons are like spoiled 12-year-old pubescents, ignorant and shallow, but certain of their cleverness. The trillion dollar war they launched in Iraq proved a disaster, leaving one million dead civilians, 4,500 Americans killed and many thousands more living with destroyed lives.
Meanwhile, the Chinese have stolen the march and have signed contracts giving them access to the majority of Iraq's oil.
How dumb can you get?
Ivan the Terrible, Peter The Great, Gorbachev the Gullible
In 1990 when Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to the deal on German reunification, the cornerstone of the pact was that a united Germany could remain in NATO.
US secretary of state Baker assured Gorbachev that "there would be no extension of NATO's jurisdiction one inch to the east." Gorbachev repeated: "Any extension of the zone of NATO is unacceptable." Baker's response: "I agree."
In 1990 there were 12 members of NATO. Now there are 28 and they are all crowding east against Russia's borders. The US is busy setting up a so-called missile defense system in their inching world. They lie about the system being designed for missile defense against Iran.
The fact is that the system is designed to neutralize the Russian missile defense system so that the latter would be defenseless against a missile attack by a U.S. led NATO.
One reason Gorbachev has publicly supported Putin on the Crimea is that his trust in the west was so cruelly betrayed.
One can say that Gorbachev should have known better. But he made a fundamental mistake: he judged the Americans as he judged himself. The Russians had something like 50 million casualties during World War II; at least 20 million dead. Their country had been laid waste as if the United States had been flattened from the Atlantic seaboard to west of the Mississippi. The Russians wanted peace and Gorbachev thought he was giving it to them.
What Gorbachev failed to understand was that the Americans got rich out of World War ll. In 1990 and now while pretending peace they were and are planning war.
Not satisfied with the end of the Cold War. The Americans embarked on empire building and have left a tragic trail of death and destruction with collateral human misery behind them.
It's stunning to listen to Obama and Kerry make pronouncements on or about developments in the Ukraine.
Kerry says no country has the right to impose its will on another. His says this with a straight face. He must be counting on stupidity or memory loss. Remember Viet Nam and poor little Grenada, and more recently Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, just to name a few of a long list since World War ll.
Fewer and fewer are listening to Obama as he and court jester John Kerry invent  history and current "facts" as they go along. Now it seems that Obama isn't even listening to himself. See below his story about a referendum in Kosovo that never took place.