True North Perspective's stance on Net Nuetrality 2017 edition

Recently, True North Perspective​ has received multiple questions in regards to the current FTC plan in the United States to remove ISPs from title 2 regulation.

​True North Perspective​ is physically hosted outside of the US, in a Data Centre in Montreal, Canada, with backhaul provided by multiple Tier 1 backbone providers.

If the FTC does remove the title 2 regulation from US ISPs, customers will more than likely need to pay a premium to access some content that is not owned by (or affilliated to) the company they get internet from.

​Since True North Perspective​ is targeted towards an educated international audience, most of our readers will not be affected by this. We will continue to advocate for a free and open internet for all, and strongly encourage our readers in the US to contact your local lawmakers to voice your concerns. We will revisit this topic if the FTC does remove this regulation from law, once we know for sure what ISP's have planned.

Information on contacting the FCC can be found at