New women's political party

New women's political party promises

By Esther Matharu and Shannon Lee Mannion

28 January 2011 OTTAWA — If Canada's Prime Minister walked up to you and said, "How do you think I'm doing?" you'd fill his ear, wouldn't you?

It's not as if you'd have nothing to tell him. You'd no doubt take him to task on a number of issues.

The way it goes now, there is little opportunity to have a say in how our country is being run. Minority government or not, Mr. Harper is leading us on a merry chase.Enter a new political party, The Women's Alliance Party/Parti Alliance Femmes (WAP/PAF) that is going to clean-sweep the House of Commons.
We are a grassroots movement with concerns about the future of ourcountry. We want to give everyone the chance to join in the conversation.

We are having a small inaugural meeting Wednesday, February 2, 2011, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Canadian-Chinese Heritage Centre, (the former First United Church), at 397 Kent Street, immediately north of Florence St, on the right. Our agenda is to inform you about the new party and invite you to share your concerns about the Canada we want.

You will be the first to find out what it is all about! If you can't make this meeting, there will be others.

For more information, please call 613-232-9202 and we will return your call.

Or you are welcome to write to us at Women's Alliance Party WAP/PAF, 340 Laurier Ave. West, PO Box 308, Stn A, Ottawa, ON  K1N 8V3

Our website won't be launched until the first week in February but please note the URL:

Please share this information widely with others, men and women, whom you think may be interested in standing up for Canada.